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God Ruci's Spear

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God Ruci’s Spear

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realancientmagic is one of the generations of the original majapahit and all methods that have similarities in language or ways of transferring knowledge that have similarities with our methods are imitators of our methods.
The spear of Dewa Ruci belonging to realancientmagic is one of the magical objects that has a strong philosophy on the enthusiasm of the people who used to be advanced because they already understood that good iron forging experts in several types of iron metal were forged into one. and also has a predetermined date with its sacred value. during the manufacture of a magic item, the maker fasts until this magic item is completed and has a sacred spirit that will be inserted into this spear so that it has very strong magical power that no beginner can understand.
The function of the spear of Dewa Ruci is:
Physical and spiritual safety
Physical and spiritual strength
Goib fences are good for bodies, homes or places of business
Rival’s strong fortune/selling
The power of power within
Opening the veil of self related to the spiritual world,
God willing, you will be kept away from all difficulties and dangers
Can master any knowledge easily
Strengthen the knowledge of high internal energy
Easy to get help from others
if the package has arrived you can directly connect with me so that I can always provide the right guidance and if there are obstacles then I can give you direct directions.

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