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Heirloom Caraka Majapahit


Heirloom Caraka Majapahit




This heirloom can be used as a medium for processing the body’s energy so that it can be used for healing
Spiritual balance, clearer mind, not easily stressed and not easily emotional
Channeling spiritual energy to various points of the body
Increase concentration and improve the quality of creative thinking broadly
Life becomes more peaceful, happy, all burdens feel lighter
As a medium for activating internal energy
Channeling energy to someone or to something
Means to make it easier to penetrate into the unseen world
Means to facilitate the mastery of the science of the soul
As a practical medium to make it easier to master supernatural science
Activate the chakras in the body, so that spiritual sensitivity will be further increased
Activation of pranic energy
Can feel the energy of one’s own body or that of others

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Weight 200 g


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