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Heirloom Kris Jasmine Ronce

Call for Price

Heirloom Kris Jasmine Ronce

Call for Price

Era / Tangguh: mataram, 16th century

Surface Pattern / Pamor: jon ronce

Waves / Luks: Straight

Handle / Hilt: Solo (Surakarta)

Length: 45 cm

Weight: 350 grams

Khodam / Genie / Jinn Spirit: Yes

Main Characteristics: wealth and fortune




His magic energy is able to attract fortune in all directions. Your merchandise accelerates to sell, increasing your chances of success in your various businesses. Keep you away from huge losses.

In this Realancientmagic.com, all heirlooms that have good luck and have very positive energy. Can come from through certain rituals, By our Spiritual Teachers who have martial arts, Inner energy, And high spiritual levels. Knowledge of drawing objects from the invisible nature has been obtained by our Spiritual Masters from generation to generation. This magic is able to attract inheritance in the unseen world to be realized in the real world. This science has become a phenomenon and is well known in Indonesia. Especially in spiritual groups in Java.


All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the item you choose. After you receive the package from us, You can get a free consultation via our email, The name of the Genie, Khodam, Roh, will be included in our package. Keep the name confidential because

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Weight 350 g


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