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Heirloom Kris Khodam Companion Kyai Slamet


Heirloom Kris Khodam Companion Kyai Slamet




NB: specifically for the purchase of every item in our store. because in the growing number of corona viruses in all countries I will give a free bonus of remote energy transfer to provide stronger immune power so that the virus does not develop in our bodies and you will get 5 magic capsules for prevention a plague to come to you.

This kris heirloom companion kyai slamet is one of the heirlooms of your passions from emotions that may with or without realizing it often flares up so that sometimes it hurts or offends others, it can lead to revenge which results in sending negative jinn to harm we, as we are familiar with witchcraft, are now widely used to damage our lives, finances, careers and family tranquility, this can be minimized by this mustika because khodam mustika has the nature of conditioning and controlling the soul.

Benefits of khodam kris slamet companion:
Radiating attraction to the opposite sex or same sex
As a powerful body shield from the dangers of evil black magic (teluh, witchcraft, pellets, witchcraft and deadly black magic)
Dispose of sengkolo / bad luck offspring / shipment of bad people (teluh, witchcraft, pellets, black magic and black magic)
Strengthen the inner eyes so that the instincts and hunches get sharper
Makes it easy to learn underpinned spiritual science
Bring you good luck
Able to heal the pain of heat for yourself and family
Peace of family and people around us
Protect you and your family from slander of bad people
As a powerful spiritual tool to placate households, families, people who have anger, etc.
How to use kris slave companion:
It is very easy to use this Keris khodam as a companion of the slamet kyai, just carry it where it is and keep it from being lost or taken by someone.

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Weight 500 g


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