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Heirloom of Sodo Lanang Majapahit


Heirloom of Sodo Lanang Majapahit




Sodo Lanang is generally used to dispose of sengkolo (catastrophe) and bring fortune from all winds / pave the way for your success and glory, equipped with the rare sodo lanang spell that is able to conquer and subdue people including people who hate you.
The benefits of Sodo Lanang Majapahit’s heirlooms include:
A very sacred magic heirloom
Make people tremble to see you / your opponent shrinks
Relieve the emotions of opponents, friends, family or people around you
Make your household relationship harmonious
Sodo Lanang’s heirloom means a high level of compassion
The owner of the Sodo Lanang heirloom will easily subdue anyone
Make people amazed and fall in love helplessly
Bringing fortune from all winds
Have Kadigdayan knowledge for self-defense reflex self-defense

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Weight 300 g


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