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Heirloom of the Pamor Banyu Mili


Heirloom of the Pamor Banyu Mili




The heirloom of the Pamor Banyu Mili is an ancient item from Madura. This heirloom has a very strong Jin and will later help you get many benefits. It”s also very easy to use it, no need to carry it anywhere just put it in your house because the energy is already attached to the person who own it. The benefits from this heirloom are :

  1. Protect you from the interference of supernatural beings and evil magic,
  2. Protect your house from the attacks of bad people and clean your house from negative aura
  3. Khodam is able to harmonize your aura and every family member
  4. Increase the aura of self-confidence and courage,
  5. Improve your health, and many other things .

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Weight 1000 g


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