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Heirloom Of Work Smoothing

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Heirloom Of Work Smoothing

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Being able to open and increase the positive aura in you so that it will make you more confident to appear in front of many people
Evokes an aura of love
Strengthens the charm’s creativity
Exuding a very strong charisma of authority to make anyone who meets you become submissive and obedient to your orders
Putting many people down
Make your opponent discourage when he meets you
Give a positive influence on the people around you
Make people who hate you like you
Attract sympathy from superiors
Able to command subordinates with ease
All the orders you say will be carried out immediately
Make you liked by superiors
Streamlining for promotion
Make you a person who is respected and loved by everyone
Many people dream of you
Have a mindset that is far more advanced than anyone
Unlock talents that are still hidden from you
Make you always be able to provide solutions that can overcome the various kinds of problems at hand
Having a natural allure that is more than anyone else makes it easier for you to negotiate or perform
Body fence from witchcraft
Aura fence that can maintain your aura so that it can shine brightly and avoid negative auras
Reject reinforcements and sengkolo
And can attract and bring good luck or luck naturally and real

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Weight 300 g


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