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Heirloom Old Buntel Mayit


Heirloom Old Buntel Mayit




The heirloom of Buntel Mayit or Pamor Buntel Mayit or Gubet wrapped around this heirloom is an artificial or artificial prestige. In ancient times this type of prestige was avoided by many people because it was considered to have a very strong and old sacred. If it is in harmony with the owner, then this prestige is considered to be allowed to bring wealth or pleasure to the owner. In addition, there are also those who say that the prestige of Buntel Mayit has the luck to subdue arrogant/angry people. Thus, at present the prestige of Buntel Mayit is sought after by many people. The actual definition in question is prestige that is wrapped around (buntel) and tilted (corpse) from the base to the end of the heirloom or tosan aji. Understanding the Indonesian language causes the word corpse or corpse or dead body to be reinterpreted with its Javanese equivalent, Mayit. This is very interesting and can be understood in more depth,
and I as a spiritual practitioner who is always struggling in this field so I will always give something that can always be accounted for to the new owner. because when the magic item is about to be sent a ritual will be performed on your behalf so the alignment is always safe. and after the package arrives I will give you instructions very easily done by you. and I will also give you enough food and drink for 10 years so you don’t have trouble getting it.
This heirloom is dedicated to state officials or officials or bosses of a company to shamans or spiritual practitioners who work to solve a problem for their clients.

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Weight 500 g


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