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Heirloom Panca Sula Majapahit


Heirloom Panca Sula Majapahit




In this heirloom resides a ferocious and protective two-horned black dragon khodam. When we were about to take this sacred heirloom, the khodam residing in this sacred heirloom gave us resistance and attacked us, but we have aligned the heirloom of the Black Dragon Khodam to be tame, obedient and obedient so that it is safe for you to tame it. betel nut.
Efficacy and Efficacy of Black Dragon Khodam:
With this heirloom of the Black Dragon Khodam, it means pity for laduni
This black dragon khodam is able to awaken a hidden strength
Make it easier for you to study spiritual / supernatural sciences
Sharpen 6th sense / mind eye / open knowledge
Bringing invisible silat / stun silat reflexes
Has a special level of instantaneous power
This heirloom magic has the spirit to conquer sukmo
Immune to magic / sorcery / magic / high magic (ready to be pitted against famous psychics)
Emitting an aura of dignity like a king
As a medium / means of a powerful mahabbah
Fluency in work, business, business, etc.

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Weight 3000 g


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