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Heirloom Ramawardhana Majapahit


Heirloom Ramawardhana Majapahit




This heirloom really has great power, the khodam of Ramawardhana and the followers of Thousands of Jin Commanders, so that the khodam of the Ramawardhana Majapahit heirloom is in the thousands, all of whom are powerful. The benefits of luck are multi-functional, containing thousands of properties and benefits that drive the success of any life, what you want will be assisted by the energy of thousands of khodam, you will be able to communicate with khodam so that at any time you can consult with him for instructions to solve your problem, khodam what is in this heirloom can be ordered for good or evil according to your wishes because khodam Ramawardhana and his troops are obedient to their master.

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Weight 300 g


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