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Heirloom Semar Galunggung


Heirloom Semar Galunggung




There are many fragments of heirloom semar found in various corners of the island of Java. but I got this semar heirloom from a spiritual trip to Mount Galunggung. has a very peaceful soul. you will get to eat and drink this item for 10 years.
This heirloom has the following functions:

1. Alluring the opposite sex
2. Lure your partner to be together forever
easy buddy
3. Harmony of spouse and household
4. Returning a runaway spouse or boyfriend or husband or wife will come back again
5. Attract buyers to become repeat customers
6. Trusted by entrepreneurs to get wholesale buyers
7. Liked by staff and employees to attract the attention of the boss
8. Provide fences and reinforcements to repel all interference from evil supernatural beings
9. Avoiding and neutralizing life’s misery

Additional information

Weight 300 g


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