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Heirloom “Semar Twin”

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Heirloom “Semar Twin”

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Heirloom, this Twin Semar is very special and very rare, even we have to move places to get this heirloom, until somewhere in the slopes of the mountain welirang east of Java we get this heritage. With a very long ritual, because it is special, this heirloom is sought after by people all over the world, the energy of this heritage provides a very strong attraction for your partner.This heirloom is perfect for those of you who are failing romance and hard to get a mate. Hopefully, with Semar’s heirloom facilities, your love problems will run smoothly and improve.




Semar is one of the figures in the world of puppets, who are in Java, Indonesia. Semar is always there when there is a riot, he is always present and becomes an enforcer who always gives wise solutions to the conflict between Pandawa and Kurawa. It is said that Semar was born from an egg that hatched himself with two of his siblings, Batara Guru and Togog, therefore Semar existed before the Javanese, so Semar was believed to be attached to the lives of Javanese to this day, this ultimately led to many stories about Semar one of them is the semar twin heritage which has a function

Brings a mate that fits your expectations and desires.
Able to get rid of bad luck related to romance.
Increase the love of a partner and prevent infidelity.
Eliminate the inferiority and inferiority nature that is in you.
Melting someone’s hard heart, neutralizing the hatred of others.
Make the people you like bend their knees before you.
The positive energy will radiate a strong attraction so that someone around you will like you.


In this real ancient magic, all heirlooms that have good luck and have very positive energy. can come from through certain rituals, by our spiritual teachers who have martial arts, inner energy, and high spiritual levels. Knowledge of drawing objects from the invisible nature has been obtained by our spiritual masters from generation to generation. This magic is able to attract inheritance in the unseen world to be realized in the real world. This science has become a phenomenon and is well known in Indonesia. especially in spiritual groups in Java.


All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the item you choose. After you receive the package from us, you can get a free consultation via our email, the name of the genie, khodam, roh, will be included in our package. Keep the name confidential because only those who know the name / owner can give orders and interact with them. oil for energy maintenance in the object so that it is awake, if the oil has run out you can buy and contact us via email



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Weight 200 g


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