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Heirloom Singo Barong Luk 7

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Heirloom Singo Barong Luk 7

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We got this heirloom from the unseen withdrawal on Mount Merapi. The mustika in which is inhabited by a Singo Barong khodam is believed to have a high level of supernatural energy that is useful for: Protecting oneself from interference from supernatural beings, Sharpening instincts, Helping to open the inner eye and activating the sixth sense, Making the owner of this mustika feared by the unseen nation, Radiating charismatic and aura of authority that doubles, Increases physical and mental strength, Neutralizes and gets rid of negative energy that is somewhere, Protects yourself and your family from attacks by magic, witchcraft, and black magic, Makes all your words authoritative and trusted by anyone, Has the ability to make superiors/subordinates submissive, As a powerful companion khodam who is ready to guard and protect you whenever and wherever, Can increase immunity naturally, Able to bring in unseen martial arts reflexes Singo Barong, Fence houses, shops, and places of business from evil creatures, Keeping and protect businesses and places of business from negative energy ative delivery, As a means of high-level self-shielding. And there are many other benefits along with the treatment of Mustika Khodam Singo Barong.

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Weight 500 g


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