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Heirloom Trunojoyo


Heirloom Trunojoyo


The benefits of the heirloom  trunojoyo  are:

The energy is able to make a fortress of defense for you, from the threat of your enemy.

Improve development in the business that you are engaged in.

Strengthen and maintain the position you are currently in.

Open and strengthen the aura of authority in you.



Heirloom  trunojoyo is a heritage that is magical and has very strong positive energy. A lot of the energy energy contained from nature blends in this heritage. In terms of the spiritual view, this heritage plays an important role in carrying out a process to facilitate the level of your economy.

This heirloom has a characteristic form from the heritage of empu (heirloom maker) in the Majapahit kingdom. From the shape of the motif and iron metal used. We obtain this heritage from the withdrawal of heirlooms from the supernatural to be realized in the real world. This process is through certain rituals and the placement of time, days, which we agree with each other before the ritual process takes place. Requires a process of inner contact between spiritual masters and supernatural powers in the area. Many good values ​​for the process of your life’s journey.



in this ancient magic, all heirlooms that have good luck and have very positive energy. can come from through certain rituals, by our spiritual teachers who have martial arts, inner energy, and high spiritual levels. The knowledge of the spiritual masters from generation to generation has been obtained. This magic is able to attract the world to be realized in the real world. This is known as a well known science and well phenomenon in Indonesia. especially in spiritual groups in Java.



All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the items you choose. Free consultation via our e-mail, free e-mail, via our e-mail, the name of the genie, khodam, spirit, will be included in our package. Keep the name confidential because

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