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Karang Kanjeng


Karang Kanjeng




This aura can be a bridge so that you get the right partner according to what
what you want is of course for a serious relationship.
Make it easy for you to get a job, promotion, or company tender.
Careers will continue to improve, bids for better offers will come to you and opportunities to get the position you want are always more appreciated by your boss / boss.
It’s easy to get the trust of your boss and friends so that you will always take precedence over other people in various ways.
It’s easy to get relationships, business partners, and honest people who can bring your business forward.
Using the Keris to Open the Aura and Get Rid of Various Sengkolo that get in the way of getting your spouse / partner, promotions and careers, business always fails, hard to get a job.
In a very urgent condition or in a state of danger that can not be avoided, your body will be immune to the threat of sharp objects and any attack that will make you lose your life, God willing, safe.
Protection from accidents. Even if an accident occurs, the injury you experience is relatively lighter.
Improve your inner intuition in reading about the dangers that come that threaten.
For anyone who uses this Heirloom Heritage Keris, then in it he will have a strong magical shield castle so that you will be protected from all dangers that are supernatural, black magic, magic, magic, magic, pellets, etc.
Invisible fence from negative energy attacks. Magic strongholds of all black magic crimes are used to lock, conquer and conquer other people / enemies / anyone who is angry, emotional, crazy, unsympathetic, showing hostility to us.

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