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Kentongan Primitive


Kentongan Primitive




The kentongan is like a bell which is usually made of wood but not all of it is made of wood
Like the function of “Kentongan” in general, namely as a means of announcement.
However, this primitive “Kentongan” serves more to attract customers to come to the business you run.
It is believed to be able to open the aura of one’s charisma and authority so that they always have easy opportunities to achieve power, glory, prosperity, as well as personal and business safety.
Attract the attention of superiors to like you more, to get promoted quickly or who want to occupy positions such as director, special staff, village head, sub-district head, regent, brilliant career, easy to get what you dream of.
The owner of this kentongan will not get any side effects, whether it’s interference or sacrifice.
It is very easy to use, when you receive this kentongan then I will immediately give you a little spell to say

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Weight 5000 g


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