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Keris Junjung Drajat Wahyu Tumurun

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Keris Junjung Drajat Wahyu Tumurun

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Keris Junjung Drajat Wahyu Tumurun
This keris is an ancient and formidable relic that has a shared spirit in it. This keris is an intermediary to help all your needs or solve a problem in your case. This keris has a positive aura for every new owner. We will perform a ritual for 3 days for the union of this keris with the new owner so that there will be no impact in the future. The keris which has a special characteristic is that it is found at the base of the keris which has the shape of a small child sitting.

  1. Opens and strengthens the radiance of aura / charm and attraction, the aura of success at every step towards glory, improves the ability to communicate or speak in front of many people until you look very capable and agile,
  2. Increases and radiates Aura of protection that surrounds the body in layers,
  3. Bringing up an aura of leadership so that you are more capable and wise in managing your subordinates or your work environment, family and environment.
  4. Help you in winning the competition for the election of positions or ranks,
  5. The radiance of his aura is able to make the owner’s life more quality so that it is more famous and easy to accept wherever he is.
  6. Bringing Hockey in every step of your life, helping in winning tenders, projects or in the world of artists, artists, politics, speakers, officials or commentators,
  7. Avoid and separate your partner from the person you are cheating on, and can also return your partner who used to leave and return to your lap if desired
  8. Having Powerful Energy so that you can feel the vibration and strength, having the Kodam in it will help you selflessly if you need it anytime and anywhere, We realize that in everyday life we ​​cannot be separated from life’s problems that sometimes come and go. we are obliged not to give up facing all the challenges of this life
  9. Amulet Enchantment Junjung Drajat, has a very powerful ultimate power to make all your desires and wishes come true, able to bring unexpected sustenance,
  10. With the results of the work that is done seriously, sustenance can come unexpectedly, because the relationship is getting wider and more numerous,
  11. Increase the aura of self-confidence and courage in making wise decisions,
  12. Attract and lock the hearts of business clients so that they are royal and easy to work with you or your company, Melt, conquer idols and dreams of your heart / partner,
  13. Returning a lover/partner who has left
  14. Gives courage energy for the wearer to get rid of low self-esteem, fear,
  15. Fencing oneself from physical and supernatural attacks, helping the process of curing medical and non-medical diseases,
  16. very strong companion khodam, abundant sustenance, brilliant career, boosting career, sustenance, position, compassion, romance
  17. Has tremendous energy for self-fencing, land, sea and air safety
  18. Have the power of fencing residences and places of business

Realancientmagic is one of the largest online spiritual shops in Indonesia and has a reputation for high performance and royalties to clients who can work well and are trusted. because spiritually it is a belief that the product we choose God gives him the power of a miraculous means to help him. if all that is ingrained in him then you just need to follow our instructions and cast a mantra by permeating it to get in touch with god and universe pray in this miraculous way you will get a lot of progress. Amen.
after the package arrives, you can contact me directly, I will give you instructions and how to take good care of it like you treat your pets with love so they can unite.

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