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Keris Naga Barong Kinatah


Keris Naga Barong Kinatah




We got this keris when we were doing a ritual in the garden to give fertility, after we finished we took shelter in the barongan or bamboo garden. That’s where we found the Keris Naga Barong Kinatah Gambling Companion, this mustika has very strong power to play gambling.

Benefits of Mustika Barong Gambling Companion:

As a mustika amulet to win gambling.
You will get help from khodam in winning gambling games.
Khodam will help distract the opponent’s mind and concentration.
If it is used to play dice, it will make your feeling sharp in guessing the numbers.
Bringing khodam dhanyang, a place to play gambling to help you.
Make nogodino always on your side.
If used to play card gambling will make your cards always good.
Make it easier for you to get big wins.
If used for online gambling will make you hockey and lucky.
As a means of backing up to find lottery numbers.
Luck in sea fishing and fishing competitions.
Luck in lottery type gambling games.
As a powerful grip for hockey carriers.
Make your luck in betting always lucky.
Khodam is always ready to face khodam mustika / enemy handle.
As a mustika gambling level / high level.
Can be used in the Genting Highlands gambling arena and local gambling.
As a gambling expert khodam that is not easily detected by opponents or dealers.
Can be used for all types of gambling, card gambling, machines, online, dice, lottery, lottery, etc.
As a powerful mustika berkhodam to win gambling.

Additional information

Weight 750 g


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