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Keris Pasopati


Keris Pasopati




This kris is one that has extraordinary philosophical powers. not only in terms of magic, but also in terms of the life of someone who has this heritage. the legacy of the ancestors is a very noble legacy for generations to come. from the word pasopati is the philosophy of the mainstay heritage of the character Arjuna. in the figure arjuna in the pararaton / hindu kingdom at the time. Arjuna has a very good looks and a knight who has excellent archery strength. and has a very high sensitivity to mysticism and concentration.
This Pasopati Keris heirloom has the ability to destroy your enemies in spiritual terms. give strength and courage like a knight in the battlefield. everyone who sees you will be mesmerized.
for how to unite the strengths of this pasopati kris very easily. and I will monitor from Indonesia (from my home). and there will be no difficulty at all in that process. as long as you always follow the directions from me then you will be faster to blend with this Pasopati keris.

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Weight 500 g


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