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Keris Petok Derajat


Keris Petok Derajat




This inheritance is a legacy that I have had since I was 9 years old. What I got directly from my magical spiritual teacher. it is said that this inheritance can only be owned by state officials who lead in certain areas that are indeed assigned by the king to regulate the area. This inheritance is also a symbol of the owner’s resilience and is the king’s special choice.
then it can be trusted if the owner of this heritage if paired with it will have the soul of an extraordinary leader automatically extraordinary. if you have an organization. then the organization will be able to grow faster in a growing number of followers.
all the heirlooms or keris that I have in my shop always have a very close relationship with the magical world. and have a strong and positive spirit. many think it is not possible but if you have tried to get it from me. then you will understand everything will be real if you are really serious about exploring and carrying out all my instructions.

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