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keris Pulang Geni Lurus

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keris Pulang Geni Lurus

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This keris originated from the ancient kingdom of Madura. Where this keris was very special among the Madurese royal community at that time. This kris exudes a golden aura at the tip. a strong positive aura to grow your investment to the highest level and give authority to the owner.
in terms of the magical world in this kris had a strong spirit and the type of man who wore the traditional Madurese court clothes at that time. he uses the royal crown. this spirit has a very arrogant character and is very enthusiastic when helping the owner of the kris to achieve his dream.
various types of keris have very profound symbols and philosophies. at that time the creator also needed fasting to increase in years and large rituals on certain days. then using a dagger is very different from other traditional weapons in various countries. Keris weapons have a strong bond with the occult.

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