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Keris Sangkelat Bungkem


Keris Sangkelat Bungkem




The name sengkelat is an abbreviation of “sengkel atine” or “sengkeling ati” which means angry or can be angry / disappointed.
This keris was first made during the Majapahit kingdom when Mpu Supo Mandrangi was sent by Sunan Kalijaga to express the hearts of the people because of government policies or rulers who prioritized the interests of capital owners or businessmen, which was symbolized by the keris belt.
The story about the battle between the sengkelat keris against the belt inten and the nogo sosro keris is a picture of the condition of the Majapahit society at that time which was experiencing division.
The dominant nogo sosro keris and the belt inten keris which has a businessman have a very harmonious relationship, this makes the sangkelat keris that represents the lower society become inflamed and fights.
So do not be surprised if this kris is very popular among fans of kris because this kris is much sought after by leaders and high officials to be used as piandel to add authority and charisma to become and be respected by their subordinates and also the people around them.
As a subordinate, his orders and decisions will be obeyed because his very strong aura of authority will make others submit to the owner of the keris sengkelat.
The real message of this keris is to remind the rulers or leaders not to think about the fate of their people.
You don’t need to worry because we will guarantee to eat and drink this keris as long as you want

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