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Keris Satan Kober Majapahit Luk 17


Keris Satan Kober Majapahit Luk 17




Keris Satan Kober Majapahit Luk 17 is the most sought after keris because of its efficacy, this keris can only be obtained through high-level magical rituals. Keris Satan Kober Majapahit Luk 17 is a keris that has a perfect level of magical power, so people can become invincible magic because in it there is the khodam of the demon king of a thousand troops who are ready to help you throughout the day without asking for sacrifices and without conditions.
Some of the benefits of this keris are:
This keris will make you a holy person if you are matched with this keris
Can be used to treat disease
Means of bringing khodam
Can have jinn reinforcements
Can help bring trade breakouts
Can awaken the knowledge of compassion
The means of unlocking the aura and prestige of the king level.

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Weight 300 g


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