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Keris Semar Kuncung (Semar Kuncung Kris)

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Keris Semar Kuncung (Semar Kuncung Kris)

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The Keris Semar Kuncung, the result of the magical attraction of the Petilasan of the Majapahit Kingdom, has the properties of pellets, compassion and incomparable charm. The owner of the Semar Kuncung Keris will automatically have the power of Semar Kuncung’s grace without having to go through certain rituals and practices. The Khodam on this kris is named Grandmother Semar Kuncung which is a Khodam inherited from Majapahit. How to use the Semar Kuncung Keris does not have to be taken, but it is enough to store it so that the energy and khodam will follow you because we will unite it with your thoughts before. If you want to see whoever you want, you don’t need to cast a spell because luck applies automatically, if you want to send pellets long distance you just hold the keris semar kuncung and say in your heart the target’s name and date of birth or the name of his biological mother. This Semar Kuncung kris is indeed pulled from the supernatural so make sure and convince your heart to have it.
This keris can also be used as a means of meditation related to fame and quickly get a high career and is widely known by the wider community.

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Weight 250 g


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