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keris Singo Barong Luk 11

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keris Singo Barong Luk 11

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Peace be upon all spiritual practitioners throughout the universe. In our culture on the island of Java, we have a culture that may be more diverse in various cultures and customs as well as levels of belief as well as in a very very extreme spiritual process. of white magic and black magic we are very very mastered and very proficient. all done for the good of everyone in the goals desired by the clients. I mostly have various kinds of magical items that are relied on to support a relationship to the power and the entire universe. The keris is one of the heirlooms owned by all spiritual practitioners on the island of Java, which looks like a snake and has a venomous character in the past. but in the current era we only take the sacred aspect or the magic of the keris itself. where in this keris there are holy spirits who always help you get what you want. and never be afraid of food and drinks I always provide for those of you who buy all items from us that contain sacred spirits. This Singo Barong keris has the following powers
1. if you put this kris in your home then this kris will become a magical fence in a very strong house.
2. if there is an attack by an evil shaman aimed at you, a very large tiger figure will be on standby around your house. to repel his attack.
3. If you put this keris in your place of business, your place of business or office will get more security and peace, avoiding many problems from your subordinates.
4. all your subordinates will always fear and respect you.
5. every word that comes from your mouth will always be obeyed and believed by all people around you.
6. If you tell the spirit in this kris to follow you wherever you are, then he will be able to split himself into two, one will guard you and one will guard the house.
7. If there is a sudden physical attack and time is pressed, this spirit will be able to help enter your body to fight like a very wild tiger.
8. The gaze on your face will be so deeply fixed on everyone around you that it thrills them to become shriveled or have no guts.
10. The longer you are in harmony with this tiger spirit, you will have the knowledge of Kanuragan or the power within you that you have never learned before.
in this item is a sacred spirit that has been tamed to obey its owner. They are well mannered and very kind to their owners. There are no side effects in the future from karma or anything negative

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Weight 300 g


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