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Keris Tall Tiban

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Keris Tall Tiban

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Keris Jangkung Tiban
This keris is an ancient and formidable relic that has a shared spirit in it. This keris is an intermediary to help all your needs or solve a problem in your case. This keris has a positive aura for every new owner. We will perform a ritual for 3 days for the union of this keris with the new owner so that there will be no impact in the future.

  1. Opening the five senses
  2. Feel the vibration of supernatural beings
  3. Fortify negative energy
  4. Able to cure metaphysical disease (possessed by a jinn)
  5. Bring back the Weaving of witchcraft and the like
  6. Lifts authority on the owner
  7. Compassion for someone’s attraction
  8. Opening the spiritual path
  9. Replenishment of Lucky objects
  10. Protects you from witchcraft that can make someone sick to death, difficult to get a mate, closed fortune, lazy, crazy and others.
  11. Heavy Hitting.
  12. Become Human Immune to Magical attacks even anyone who sends magic, witchcraft, sorcery, witchcraft, black magic will turn to the attacker.
  13. Healing from various physical ailments.
  14. Body Health and Increase Stamina.
  15. Makes the body fresher and fresher.
  16. Generating the Power of Authority.
  17. Make physically healthier and stronger than before.

Realancientmagic is one of the largest online spiritual shops in Indonesia and has a reputation for high performance and royalties to clients who can work well and are trusted. because spiritually it is a belief that the product we choose God gives him the power of a miraculous means to help him. if all that is ingrained in him then you just need to follow our instructions and cast a mantra by permeating it to get in touch with god and universe pray in this miraculous way you will get a lot of progress. Amen.
after the package arrives, you can contact me directly, I will give you instructions and how to take good care of it like you treat your pets with love so they can unite.

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Weight 300 g


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