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Khodam Companion of Kyai Pleret


Khodam Companion of Kyai Pleret





This Khodam, the companion of Kyai Pleret, is one of the heirlooms that guards your passions from emotions that may, with or without realizing it, often flare up so that sometimes it hurts or offends other people, this can lead to revenge which leads to sending negative jinns to harm us. , which we usually know as witchcraft which is now widely used to destroy our lives, finances, careers and family peace, this can be minimized by this  because this khodam has the nature of conditioning and controlling the soul.
Benefits / Benefits of  Khodam Companion of Kyai Pleret:

Radiating attraction to the opposite sex or the same sex
As a powerful body shield from the dangers of evil black magic (teluh, witchcraft, pellets, witchcraft and deadly black magic)
Discarding sengkolo / bad luck / sending bad people (teluh, witchcraft, pellets, witchcraft and deadly black magic)
Strengthening the inner eye so that instincts and hunches are sharper
Makes it easier to learn overshadowed spiritual knowledge
Bringing luck to you
Can be used to cure fever for yourself and your family
Peace of family and people around us
Protect you and your family from the slander of bad people
As a strong spiritual tool to calm the household, family, people who are angry, etc.

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Weight 300 g


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