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The brojol pamekangjagat kris is one of the very old relic of the Majapahit kingdom. in this item resides a genie who will help you in every business you undertake to be better and improve.
The benefits of having a kris brojol pamekang universe are:

Neutralize negative energy in the house/land that is difficult to sell.
Protects you and your family from black magic energy attacks, such as witchcraft, teluh, and witchcraft.
Neutralize and return witchcraft attacks to the sender.
Protect your home, shop or place of business from theft and other crimes.
Protect your place of business from possible fraud.
Reverse and eliminate someone’s evil intentions.
Eliminate negative energy in the house or place protected by this Asmak nails so that it feels comfortable and peaceful.
Protect your residence/home from accidents, fires, and disasters caused by human negligence.
Minimize the chance of loss due to fire in your shop, shop, place of business, or home.
Make people in your home/shop feel comfortable.
Make customers always come to your shop / place of business.
Minimize or even eliminate the risk of loss in business
Minimizing business competition, especially for those of you who are in the business world with many competitors
Protect business premises from various harmful crimes, including shoplifting, theft, robbery, looting and riots
Makes it easier for you to sell land/houses.
Help retain customers by binding their souls supernaturally
Make it easier for anyone to be attracted to your offer
Generate a sense of satisfaction in the hearts of customers when they have used the goods or services that you offer
It’s easier to get venture capital to develop a business

Realancientmagic is one of the largest online spiritual shops in Indonesia and has a reputation for high performance and royalties to clients who can work well and are trusted. because spiritually it is the belief that the product we choose God gives him the power of miraculous means to help him. if all that is ingrained in him then you just need to follow our instructions and cast a mantra by permeating it to get in touch with god and universe pray in this miraculous way you will get a lot of progress. Amen.
after the package arrives, you can contact me directly, I will give you instructions and how to take good care of it like you treat your pet with love so that it can unite its heart.

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Weight 500 g


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