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Kris Nogo Rojo


Kris Nogo Rojo




This kris is one of the kris inherited by the royal kingdom of Singo Sari. the kingdom of singo sari is famous for its very solit forces and difficult to defeat. with weapons that have very powerful magical powers. and sakti mandra guna.

This kris is very suitable for state officials or leaders of an army. gives authority as a knight. feared by enemies and subordinates / soldiers. Your words will always be heard. each of your passionate words stirs up the spirit of your soldiers.

How to care for this object is very easy, you have to provide an object, to maintain and increase energy in an object, each item has different oil, if your oil runs out, you can get oil by contacting us via our e-mail. Every item we have with the item package that you have chosen. We provide free consultation for you via our e-mail. All the magic items on our site have positive energy, you don’t need to be afraid of the effects later. Our spiritual teacher has been recommended that the genie, fairy khodam and danyang inside the statue was defused. only the owner could give instructions to the genie.

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Weight 500 g


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