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Kris Nogososro Kinatah


Kris Nogososro Kinatah




The Realancientmagic kris nogososro kinatah is one of the magical items in the form of a traditional sharp weapon native to the kingdom on the island of Java. The nogososro kinatah keris is a keris that is often sought after by leaders or rulers. because it is believed that the dragon spirit that resides in the carving of this weapon helps to support your ability to be lucky in all things.
Realancientmagic will also provide some keys for this item to work properly. And don’t let other people know the instructions I gave you because if anyone finds out it will result in this item not being able to function or the spirit in it will not want to do what you want.
This dragon spirit will always accompany you wherever you are. if you like to meditate in various places, this dragon will also help speed up your feeling of positive energy entering your body. so that you will feel more comfortable and carried away by the atmosphere and deeper into your subconscious so that you do not realize you will enter into another dimension.
The curve in this weapon is that it has a special curve count and has a high caste count in heirlooms. And in MAJAPAHIT era, this weapon could only be owned by warlords in the kingdom.
The Virtues Of The Realancientmagic Nogososro Kinatah Keris Are:
1. Make the negative aura more positive
2. Its energy provides a strong magical fence within you and your home.
3. Block the attack of black magic aimed at you.
4. If you feel pressed because of a physical attack from your enemy, this dragon spirit will automatically unite and give you the strength you feel is so strong and you don’t feel afraid of anyone
5. Send you to give you more luck in your finances.
6. Many people will be more courageous to open up and work with you and believe in you sincerely.
7. Delivers you to a higher position quickly.
Please for all our web visitors can have a basis that Realancientmagic is a means to help your problem if you don’t have faith and just to try try then I suggest better not try to just bullshit or play pranks on us. because even if you intend to buy it is of no use to you. if you want to follow my directions the right way is like this.
1.Before choosing a magic item on the Realancientmagic web, try to pray according to your belief that God will show you through the bonds of your heart when you see an item on our website.
2. when you see photos on the Realancientmagic web, focus your eyes and focus on your thoughts and feel the vibrations in your heart.
3. Read the article carefully, don’t be in a hurry. because of one item that can function when it is inside you, it will provide clues to other items that will be able to perfect the power to perfect in your life journey, you feel more spiritual and luckier and more sacred.

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