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Majapahit Trident

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Majapahit Trident

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Majapahit Trident

This Majapahit trident is a relic of the Majapahit era and was made during the reign of King Hayam Wuruk.

King Hayam Wuruk was the fourth king of the Majapahit kingdom who reigned in 1350 – 1389 and had the title Maharaja Sri Rajasanagara and the peak of the Majapahit kingdom was reached when it was held by King Hayam Wuruk.

During the Bubat war between Majapahit and Sunda, one of the commanders brought this trident but in the end it fell during the battle so that the commander’s spirit resided in this trident and made it the auspicious trident of Majapahit which is very famous for its benefits.

Whoever has this trident will be given the glory and prosperity of life during his reign when he is the leader.

If the owner of this trident is a businessman, it will make him the ruler of the market and also the success of his business.

Strengthens the radiance of luck within you, so that in any case you are more likely to be lucky.

Streamlining all kinds of business

Good luck in career and work.

Make you luckier in terms of career.

Keep you from the calamities that used to befall you.

You are more fortunate to work with people who always support you towards success.

Makes it easier for you to overcome various life problems so that when you live in ease, there are no shortcomings, many relationships, success in business and endeavor, reach the peak of glory, wealth

Brings up many opportunities that you can take advantage of to get rich.

Eliminate various misfortunes that often prevent you from accumulating wealth.

As a means of accelerating the acquisition of wealth

Make others trust you more in business matters.


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