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Mataram Dwisula Heritage


Mataram Dwisula Heritage




The Mataram kingdom is one of the largest kingdoms in Indonesia, not only a huge territory, the Mataram kingdom also has many relics. One of them is the inheritance of this Dwisula
The heirlooms that we show are a little different because in them there is a spirit that will help you.
This heirloom serves as:
Opens and strengthens the aura / charm and attractiveness, the aura of success in every step towards glory, improves the ability to communicate or speak in front of many people to look very capable and agile,
Have energy so that you can feel vibrations and power, have a desire that is in it, selflessly if at any time in need and help the Kodam
Has a very powerful ultimate power that is very powerful to realize all your wishes and desires, capable of unexpected sustenance,
A powerful tool with the results of real efforts, sustenance can come unexpectedly, because the friendship is getting wider and more numerous,
aura of confidence and courage in making wise decisions, giving courage energy to the wearer to eliminate low self-esteem, fear,
As a very strong companion khodam, abundant sustenance for a brilliant career, boosting career, sustenance, position, affection, romance.

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Weight 1000 g


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