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Mataram Hand Heirloom


Mataram Hand Heirloom




The original Ancient Mataram heirlooms are magical objects that go through a 41-day ritual that makes these objects have a strong and positive power and have a spirit that resides in these objects. The power of heirlooms had fascinated humans for thousands of years, but hand-held heirlooms were unique and the power within them far surpassed that of perfectly honed metal.
Although hand heirlooms were seen as physical weapons, it is believed that these hand heirlooms were never made for battle, but were made to kill a specific enemy, and after this battle was over, they were ‘retired’ and used for supernatural powers and spiritual properties only.
Highly sought after and collected by many, these items have been produced in various parts of Indonesia for centuries. Originating from Java, heirlooms are not only seen as weapons or accessories, but are important heirlooms that have a presence of their own. It is a tradition for Javanese grooms to wear a keris decorated with jasmine flower arrangements as part of their wedding costume.
– Block and ward off black magic at home or for the family
– Ward off bad energy and bad luck
– pave the way to success
– attract good luck
– help control and tame other magical objects or entities in the house
in the package I will also provide a bonus of sufficient food and drink for 5 years

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Weight 1000 g


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