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Mbah Grandmother Jugo's Kris


Mbah Grandmother Jugo’s Kris




Kiai Zakaria II, later known as Grandmother Jugo, was a relative of the Kertosuro Palace who was the bodyguard of Prince Diponegoro’s struggle against Dutch colonialism.
After Prince Diponegoro was arrested, Grandmother Jugo then wandered to East Java, to be precise in Kesamben, Blitar Regency. There, Grandmother Jugo struggled with da’wah until finally establishing a hermitage.
For some time living in Kesamben, Iman Soedjono, who was none other than a close friend and friend of Eyang Jugo’s struggle, followed him to Kesamben. They both live in the hermitage. Iman Soedjono is one of the sons of Kanjeng Sinuhun Hamengku Buwono I who chose to step down from the Keprabon due to his struggle against the Dutch colonialists.
At the end of Eyang Jugo’s death, Iman Soedjono was sent to Wonosari, Malang Regency, where he currently resides. There, Iman Soedjono was asked to prepare a funeral for Grandmother Jugo.
The tomb or in the Javanese language, the pesarean then became a pilgrimage destination and was known as the Gunung Kawi Pesarean because it was located on the slopes of Mount Kawi.
While we got this kris during a spiritual journey in the area of ​​Eyang Jugo’s pesarean, this area is known as a place of pesugihan and also a place of pilgrimage for multi-ethnic and multi-religious citizens.
Because it is believed to grant a pesugihan, this kris can also help you in doing pesugihan because in this kris there are spirits who will help you.
You don’t have to worry about casualties or any side effects because this kris has been given a ritual before being sent so we can guarantee that this kris is safe to use. You also don’t have to worry about eating and drinking this keris because we provide food and drink as long as you still need this keris, please contact us to ask for food and drink when it’s finished.

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