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Ningrat Solar Heirloom Keris


Ningrat Solar Heirloom Keris




The Ningrat solar heirloom dagger has a very strong energy. This heritage is devoted to you who want to protect yourself, your family and your company from unseen attacks.

Benefits of Ningrat Solar Heirloom Kris:
Ghoib fence reject reinforcements from damage to spirits, jinn, demons etc.
Fortress / shield from the threat of witchcraft, divination, bay, gun-use, pellets, soak
Means of Investigation of all kinds of business, business, trade, projects etc.
Can launch fortune without any interference
As a means of general compassion
Able to grow authority without equal
Invulnerable to attacks against opponents such as punches, kicks, keprukan
Help open the chakras
Being able to open a matabatin yourself
Can invite an open draw on yourself
Khodam can conquer the jinn, demons, spirits etc.
Means to raise positions and keep positions
A very powerful companionhodam tool
How to use Surya Keraton’s Heritage:
It is very easy to use the Ningrat solar heirloom kris, it will be sent when the package is in your hands / can also be sent together with the package

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Weight 200 g


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