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Omyang Jimbe's Heirloom


Omyang Jimbe’s Heirloom




Omyang Jimbe’s heirloom is a keris in the form of Putut Twins, this keris has been everyone’s dream since the Majapahit era, why is it a dream because apart from this Keris with Grandmother Jimbe’s khodam, this kris was known to bring rice in the past, meaning that people who have the ancient Omyang Jimbe heirloom will never lack of food, and agricultural products will always thrive. If it is applied today, the owner of the Omyang Jimbe heirloom will always get abundant fortune, any business will be successful, occupying any position will be a blessing for the road of fortune, in other words the owner of the Omyang Jimbe heirloom will have smooth luck, be successful in business and easily reach a position.

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Weight 500 g


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