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Panglimakumbang Heirloom


Panglimakumbang Heirloom




In this heirloom resides the black tiger khodam who has an extraordinary and powerful fighter soul. this black tiger figure has an age of thousands of years. a supernatural figure who is always respected on the island of Java. if this black tiger figure comes to the villagers, it means that this black tiger supernatural figure gives a sign that there will be people who will do evil in that village or in the owner’s house .
Panglimakumbang heirloom uses are:

Can be used to resurrect the Kakang Crater Adi Ari Ari twins or the Limo Pancer Qibla Qibla.
Sharpen the 6th senses, a fast way to learn mysticism and other occult sciences.
Having a very strong supernatural bodyguard, this Heirloom Amulet is quite rare and much hunted by Paranormal, Spiritual
Kebathinan, Collectors, As the amulet of the Pajajaran Tradition which is very sacred for superiority.
Also able to absorb the energy of nature, this talisman is created in excellence and full of the features contained therein

The owner of this item will be directly guided by the supernatural nation until it reaches a high level of scientific perfection.
Will bring them to a degree Rijalul occult which is intended as a very strong supernatural fence figure.
There are also other features that will be the messengers of several groups of gentlemen who will always convey about the nature of nature that will occur in the future.
It can penetrate the body like a whisper of the wind, Separate the body or Sukmo from one place to another like a flash of light that is invisible to our eyes.
Can be used to quickly learn various kinds of mysticism
Automatically Can be used to study laduni science, can also be used for treatment, especially people who are subject to witchcraft, teluh, sorcery, magic to face opponents in war.
Means for absolute safety both physically and spiritually on land, sea and air, facilitate the arrival of sustenance, emit and stimulate positive aura vibrations, increase self-confidence and increase the ability to feel happiness, educate the power of reason and thought and calm the heart, increase body strength
Opening the 6th Sense and the Chakras in our body.
Feel the Presence of Goib Creatures, Jinn, Satan, Khodam, and others.
Feel the energy of supernatural beings whether from the white (good) or black (evil).
Feel the Unseen Fence of a region

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Weight 500 g


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