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Pasopati Kendalisodo Bow (Busur Pasopati Kendalisodo)

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Pasopati Kendalisodo Bow (Busur Pasopati Kendalisodo)

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Pasopati Kendalisodo Bow
The Pasopati Kendalisodo Bow is one of the items that we prefer because we got it from being pulled during a ritual at Mount Kendalisodo.
Since the time of the ancestors, Mount Kendalisodo has often been used as a place to perform rituals as well as a place to get items from the unseen attraction, so since then, along with the development of the times, Mount Kendalisodo has become the place for the Grebeg Mount Kendalisodo to be held.
Grebeg Gunung Kendalisodo is a series of processions of ritual ceremonies, carnivals, carnivals, and alms to the earth of Sodo control. The activity was carried out in Karangjoho Hamlet, Samban Village, Bawen District, Semarang Regency, Central Java, to be precise in the Panyangklingan spring. Grebeg Gunung Kendalisodo is held once a year, on the 10th of Suro. The parties involved in the implementation of Grebeg Gunung Kendalisodo are all levels of society around Kendalisodo, the people of Semarang Regency and the surrounding community.
This bow is usually placed in homes or offices or places that need protection. This bow can be an unseen fortress in the place where this bow is placed, in addition to being an unseen fortress this bow can also be used as a means of witchcraft that can attack enemies or return black magic aimed at us or the place we are occupying.
In this bow there is also the spirit of the maker who inhabits this bow which is also very helpful for its new owner who is very powerful and fierce.
And some of the benefits of this bow include:
This bow can also neutralize negative aura and energy so that it always emits a positive aura that makes many people sympathetic.
Increases the owner’s physical abilities especially when fighting under pressure
The owner of the bow will look more charismatic, authoritative so that people are respected and respected
Get inner peace in living life
Ageman media for inner and outer safety
Throw away all the bad luck that hit you
Increase the power of energy from within you
Helping you facilitate all your desires and desires
Can change the nature of someone who used to be bad to be good

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Weight 1000 g


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