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Prince Sambernyawa Ancient Sword


Prince Sambernyawa Ancient Sword




Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya Mangkunegara I alias Pangeran Sambernyawa alias Raden Mas (RM) Said, was born in Kraton Kartasura, 7 April 1725 and died in Surakarta, 28 December 1795 at the age of 70 years.

He is the founder of Praja Mangkunegaran, grand duke in the eastern part of Central Java and the Indonesian National Hero. His father’s name is Prince Arya Mangkunegara Kartasura and was allowed to be named Raden Ajeng (RA) Wulan.

The nickname Prince Sambernyawa was given by Nicolaas Hartingh, governor of the VOC, because in the war RM. The word always brings death to its enemies.
RM Said fought for 16 years against the rulers of Mataram and the Netherlands. During 1741-1742 he led Chinese troops against the Dutch. Then he joined Prince Mangkubumi for nine years against Mataram and the Netherlands, 1743-1752.

The Giyanti Treaty on February 13, 1755, as a result of Dutch engineering succeeded in splitting the earth into Mataram, Yogyakarta and Yogyakarta, an agreement which was strongly opposed by RM. even the story of Prince Sambernyowo being surrounded by large numbers of Dutch troops. he stays calm at breakfast. after receiving a brief clue later he hurried along with a small number of soldiers who were able to dismantle and kill all Dutch troops. For 16 years, Mangkoenagara’s forces fought 250 times, led by Prince Sambernyowo.
This ancient sword is a sword that was once owned by Prince Sambernyowo. in this sword has a vicious and positive khodam if you have this sword then you will have a sword that will not be afraid to die while fighting and has many lives in itself.

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