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Spiritual Spear Of Ancient Interior Tribe

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Spiritual Spear Of Ancient Interior Tribe

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spiritual spear of ancient interior tribe
The spiritual spear of the Dayak tribe is a spear that does have a very old age. spear is a living witness during the war against the Majapahit kingdom when the inland kingdom of the Dayak tribe wanted their area to be controlled by the Majapahit kingdom. At that time it was spear who had faced the governor of Majapahit named Patih Gajahmada. Even the famous patih of Majapahit was overwhelmed by attacks from the Dayak tribe. in this spear there are spirits of the ancestors who help give victory in every problem
The benefits of inland tribal spear are:

Bringing strong and strong khodam perewangan
As khodam executioner / company guard or official house from khodam attacks or shipments from opponents / enemies
Automatically counters enemy attacks from a distance
Signaling the Master whenever there is an attack or threat from the enemy/business rival
Makes you have a strong instinct and sensitivity
Generating high authority power, so that you will be respected and obeyed by superiors and subordinates
Bringing abundant fortune
Easy to get rich
Bringing in reinforcements for pesugihan khodam
Smooth paying off the forest
Generating a bankrupt business
Easy to develop business in all fields
Given smoothness in any business
when the package has arrived you can contact us so we can immediately give instructions so you can stay connected with me always and I will provide food or drink that will be enough for the next 5 years

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Weight 1000 g


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