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The Bali Strait Heirloom Heritage


The Bali Strait Heirloom Heritage




Heritage of the Sorcerer’s Trident Commonly Called Trident or trishula or simple (Sanskrit: trishul) is a three-edged spear meaning three spears. Also called trident in English. Trident is also used by retariers, gladiators with the appearance of fishermen carrying nets.
Trident today is often associated with Satan by Christian mythology. This is preferred because of its use in pagan religion. Trident is a Shiva weapon, one of the Trimurti that was often worshiped during the heyday of the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom on Java. Similarly, in the Greco-Roman pagan religion, Poseidon (Neptune) the god of the sea rulers always carried a trident. In the Mikenai tradition, Poseidon is the main god, and perhaps more prominent than Zeus.
Trident was also used as the main weapon by Korean soldiers in the past, in contrast to the Chinese army at that time who used spears with eyes forming leaves. In addition, the trident is also used by Indonesians.
Trident in the Hindu spiritual tradition is a symbol of the third eye.

Pusaka Trident Sorcerer has the property, God willing, to add business to a more solid stand, resistant to economic shocks, avoid bankrupt business, inheritance of businesses to add many customers, open business branches and add new businesses, strengthen mental and soul in overcoming problems, helping and rejecting loggers and the energy in this trident is great.

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