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The Heirloom of the Ancient Kujang Siliwangi


The Heirloom of the Ancient Kujang Siliwangi




Prabu Siliwangi is known as one of the Kings of Pajajaran as written in the Suwasit book. This book that contains the history of the Padjajaran Kingdom contains writings about the history of King Siliwangi starting from his father, Prabu Anggararang, the King of the Elephant Kingdom.
Prabu Pamanah Rasa (another name for King Siliwangi) then made a powerful weapon which is now the symbol of the province of West Java, namely the Kujang. This weapon also adds to the magic of King Siliwangi. The weapon is curved with a tiger engraving on the hilt. The tiger carving on the hilt of the Kujang is said to be a reminder of his loyal companion, the White Tiger Demon.
Gives a very strong aura of authority
Make the owner a respected and respected leader
Subduing the enemy or opponent
As a safety advice and refuse
Khodam has a ferocious power to paralyze the disturbing negative supernatural khodam
Khodam is able to harmonize your aura and every family member
Khodam will always protect you from magical attacks
Give the leadership spirit within you
Keeps you from the harm that will befall you
Everything you order will be executed immediately.

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