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The heirloom of the Dragon's Tongue Keris


The heirloom of the Dragon’s Tongue Keris





The heirloom of the Dragon Tongue Keris is a spiritual means in the form of the auspicious Heirloom of Kris Open Aura in which resides the powerful figure of the Dragon khodam.
The benefits of the Heirloom of the Dragon’s Tongue Keris:

Physical and spiritual safety
Physical and spiritual strength
Goib fences are good for bodies, homes or places of business
Luck / strong sales of rivals
The power of power within
Opening the veil of self related to the spiritual world,
God willing, you will be kept away from all difficulties and dangers
Can master any knowledge easily
Strengthening the knowledge of high internal energy
Easy to get help from others
Get the unexpected Rizky
Compassion and charm
Easy to help people around will be happy to be near you
People are easily attracted and entangled with your words
Not let down by others
Raise the level of association
Make you lucky
Loyalty from spouse, employees, etc
Having a feeling of someone’s good or bad attitude towards you
Magical Whisper
It’s easy to be famous

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Weight 300 g


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