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The Heirloom of the Majapahit Korowelang


The Heirloom of the Majapahit Korowelang




Khodam to bring our partner to their knees
Awaken the aura of inner beauty/charismatic
Opening the aura so that it glows to attract the soul
An aura of authority so that many people will sympathize and be reluctant to you
Launch all fields of business, business and trade.
Luck in investing, investing and gambling games.
Launching business, trade, shops and companies.
Reviving failed businesses.
Open the aura of the place of business to attract customers.
Launch a fortune and smooth pay off debts.
Improving careers and positions, as well as increasing trust in leaders and subordinates.
Fence unseen place of business from the disturbance of evil people.
Fences of black magic such as witchcraft, sorcery, teluh and witchcraft.

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Weight 200 g


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