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The Heirloom Of The Mountain Spear

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The Heirloom Of The Mountain Spear

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The benefits of tumbak gunungan heirloom are:

To maintain a position.

Open the aura of our authority.

Media healing through this heirloom energy.

Strengthening an existing organization is more developed.

Neutralize the negative aura that is around you.



Heirloom tumbak gunungan is a very ancient heirloom. It has a shape like gunungan in wayang kulit performances in Indonesia. The mountains of wayang kulit have many stories and occult natural phenomena that are symbolic of the shapes and images contained in the mountains.

This heritage has very strong and positive energy. All symbolizes an energy for life in the universe. Renewal and ending are associated with this mountain heirloom. Then by the kejawen spiritual experts the heirloom tumbak gunungan is often made to open and end a ritual that they are doing.

This heritage is perfect for those of you who are trying to pioneer a business or your career. This heritage does not have a negative effect on you. There are no restrictions for the owner of this heritage.



in this ancient magic, all heirlooms that have good luck and have very positive energy. can come from through certain rituals, by our spiritual teachers who have martial arts, inner energy, and high spiritual levels. The knowledge of the spiritual masters from generation to generation has been obtained. This magic is able to attract the world to be realized in the real world. This is known as a well known science and well phenomenon in Indonesia. especially in spiritual groups in Java.



All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the items you choose. Free consultation via our e-mail, via free e-mail, via our e-mail address, the name of the genie, khodam, spirit, will be included in our package. Keep the name confidential because

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