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The Prestige Of Jasmine Rinonce's Mataram kris


The Prestige Of Jasmine Rinonce’s Mataram kris




This keris has a legendary story in the ancient Mataram kingdom where this keris is often held by the royal ministers who symbolize prosperity. In this kris resides a sacred spirit resembling a woman who is middle-aged but has a very beautiful face. Where she brings good luck. very polite and always benevolent spirit. I will include eating and drinking in the packaging of the benefits of this keris.
1. if you have this keris then luck will always try to come to you
2. in the level of your fortune will be easier and improve your economy.
3. as a means for the shamans to bring in more clients.
4.everyone who comes to you will always feel matched by the words you say.
5. When the bedroom is placed, the romantic feel for husband and wife will affect the room.
6. make the atmosphere of the house becomes more peaceful.
7. If a family has a very serious problem then the problem will gradually be resolved and recover as usual.
8. if you take care of old curses then if you have a boss who is difficult to conquer, then this keris will work to make your boss pay more attention to your performance so far.
9. Your face will look more charismatic in front of your clients
10. If you become the head of a section or organization then all groups will always be close to you to join you.

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