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Yellow Wesi Keris

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Yellow Wesi Keris

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This Wesi Kuning Keris is highly sought after and in demand by heirloom lovers. The greatness of this Wesi Kuning Keris object has been famous since ancient times, both in the real world and in the puppet world. It is said that whoever holds the Sacred Heirloom of the Wesi Kuning Keris becomes a powerful mandraguna and is invincible in war.
The Benefits/Benefits of the Sacred Heirloom of the Yellow Keris Wesi:

  1. As a means to do the magical fencing of your home
  2. As a means of accelerating the acquisition of wealth
  3. Make others trust you more in business
  4. Strengthen the radiance of good luck within you
  5. Streamlining all kinds of your business
  6. Good luck in career and work
  7. Make you luckier in terms of career
  8. Maximize your potential in an effort to obtain wealth
  9. Makes it easier for you to attract wealth from various sources of wealth
  10. Makes it easier for you to overcome various life problems.

You will get food and drink for the khodam, we give you as long as you use this khodam

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Weight 500 g


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