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Jasmine Oil Filling

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Jasmine Oil Filling

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This filling lasts for 3 days with a strict ritual to get strong energy and optimal benefits because the ritual is also carried out on certain days.

Benefits of Filling Jasmine Oil:

Can be used as a love magnet. so that the chances of getting a dream mate will be greater.
This Oil Energy will also help you gain the sympathy and affection of the person you desire.
Radiance Your compassionate aura will radiate, so that you are more respected, liked and loved by many people.
Help increase the energy of your mustika, so that your authority is increasing than usual.
This oil can increase the radiance of your mustika escape energy.
Your magical object is increasingly emitting energy in all directions, so that the magical object is more useful when you treat it using Black Stone Oil.
For those of you who often experience love failures or always fail to establish serious love relationships with other people.
This oil will make your partner more loyal and will never think of turning away from you.
Lock your partner’s heart. So you will always feel comfortable and not worry your partner will cheat.
Awake and return a partner who turned away from you. Your mustika khodam will maximize its power to open your partner’s heart, so that with full awareness he will always love you.
the price of one oil in a 20 gram bottle then we will sell you $ 200 this is not the shipping price. because I will charge you for shipping costs in your country.

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Weight 20 g


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