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Magic Black Powder


Magic Black Powder




This black powder has been made from the Kalimantan forest which is famous for its phenomenal level of strength that is still natural and cultural customs that are still well preserved to this day. the teachings of the ancestors are still preserved to this day which have indigenous Dayak tribes who live in the depths of the Kalimantan forest. it is they who still keep the customs and culture of their ancestors well-known, whose troops are known as killing without moving. this is the philosophy given to inland Dayak warriors. which has respected elders called panglima Burung and pangkalima beetles. These two commanders are very strong and powerful. every time they come to an area there will be a great bloody battle.
This black powder provides a high level of power to increase the spiritual knowledge you learn.This powder has been through a long ritual to turn this powder into a vitamin or chakra supporter that you have inside of you.

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Weight 500 g


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