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Cemanik Ringin Pearls


Cemanik Ringin Pearls




This pearl is one of the best queen cemanik, given to me. queen cemanik is one of the leaders of the jinn group who controls the mountains on pegat. the mountains are famous for being haunted and very sacred. the story among the locals is that every vehicle that passes through this place must give a signal to ring the bell on the vehicle three times. so the driver can survive while passing this mountain pegat.
there was a time when a bride passed this mountain, disappeared without a trace and was not found until now. all went missing along with the car being driven. strangely when the car goes hand in hand to deliver the bride in the hallway. but in an instant the white cloud fell when the bridal car disappeared. all the escort cars simultaneously were very surprised by this incident.
personally I saw that when that incident the car up to now was in the unseen world or the world of jinn. they lost their way and entered a restricted area, which was in the Jin kingdom, led by the queen of Cemanik. On a mystical journey I was approached by him and greeted with a very friendly and told all the events clearly. that’s when he gave this pearl.
This pearl has a policy to perpetuate harmonious and prosperous family relationships.

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Weight 200 g


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